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Brand, Pa.—When making a diagnosis, headache and tension are based on characteristic symptoms and the absence of pathology during a physical examination, which includes a detailed assessment of the neurological status and the intensity of nerve impulses. Factors that provoke headaches and muscle failure should be compensated.

It is necessary to distinguish between headache and tension from an undeveloped form of migraine, which are similar to headaches and tension, but have only a few signs of migraine: they are of low intensity and, as a rule, are stopped by special medications for migraines.

In the case of severe headaches, the diagnosis of headache and tension should be checked, since severe and frequent headaches in this case are very rare.

Pain is one of the most common causes in modern medical practice and one of the most common symptoms that people seek medical help for. When a patient is dealing with pain, the doctor should always take into account the following: when the symptoms started, how the pain developed, whether it passed from the place of occurrence, types of pain (stabbing, cutting, squeezing, etc.), frequency of occurrence, place of occurrence and extent, duration of pain, pain amplification and relief.

Good anesthesia not only reduces acute pain, but also reduces the possibility of formation of a pathological complex of chronic pain syndrome. When discussing pain, you should keep in mind the pain sensation, because it is individual for everyone, and the same person can perceive different levels of pain, depending on their own pain, from barely noticeable pain to severe pain in different people.

Headache and tension (BGN) is one of the most common diseases in all population groups and, despite its possible harmlessness, it is one of the top 10 causes of disability in the world. Most people experience symptoms and experience episodes of HDN from time to time, with women experiencing it more often than men. HDN greatly affects a person's daily life, in particular social and family life, interferes with work, among other things, and is also a serious predisposing factor for the development of anxiety and depression (Steiner TJ, Maliarti P., 2007; Stronger Lj. Et al., 2008 ).